Natwest bank is owned by The Royal Bank of Scotland. The directors listed on the site are the same directors as RBS. In fact when you make complaints about Natwest, RBS reply on behalf of the directors, ignoring the complaints or looking for any reason not to find their staff responsible. We shall be showing how they lie, and allegations of them committing perjury in legal proceedings.

Natwest use another bunch of shisters Shoosmiths Solicitors to to their dirty work for them. They have a habit of lying to, or misleading the courts in the UK, in many cases.

They do not comply with civil procedure rules, nor do they comply with court orders from County Courts.

For some reason the judges and the court management system allow these Bastards too much latitude. They would not allow any individual to do the things that RBS, Natwest and Shoosmiths do to others in legal proceedings.

We shall be presenting evidence of what Natwest an RBS staff have done to victims. We can only advise people not to bank with Natwest or The Royal Bank of Scotland. Unfortunately the courts in the UK are not geared up to deal with fraud, pujury, other forms of misconduct and dishonesty committed by banks and large organisations. Its easier for the judges to rule against the victims.

Both Stephen Hester and his predecessor Fred Goodwin have been paid obscene bonuses, dispite the fact that RBS has been fined £390m ($610m) by UK and US authorities. These bonuses are in contrast to the victims that have been turned over by Natwest / RBS Group - To see more Click Here

To see what these bastards did to have this website launched - click here

We exhibit two affidavits of alleged Natwest lying and dishonesty aided and abetted by solicitors Denton Wilde Sapte - click here

To see information of another victim that they abused and tried to silence on the net see