Natwest / RBS Boss Stephen Hester gets paid an obscene bonus dispite the fact that the British tax payer has to bail out RBS.

Fred Goodwin has been paid a fortune in salary & obscene bonuses, only for running Natwest & RBS Group into the ground

No wonder you cannot get complaints investigated for Natwest staff selling bum investment. This is done purely to get their commissions with no consideration to the interests of the banks customers. However the directors & people like Fred Goodwin are only interested in their own obscene bonuses, therefore this is a culture that goes from the top down in this organisation.

Fred Goodwin came to Natwest / RBS from Touche Ross now knows as Deloitte Touche when Goodwin was incumbant he was trained and moulded by these dishonest shysters. To see a documentary video and more about Fred Goodwin - Click Here.

Stephen Hester also gets obscene bonuses, but now at the tax payers expense.

RBS has been fined £390m ($610m) by UK and US authorities, which it intends to pay from past, current and future bonuses. But the head of the banking commission said it was "not given sufficient confidence" this will happen. Stephen Hester is due to receive a deferred bonus of £780,000 in March.

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